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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gilles Deleuze, 14 books
Buchanan, Ian, 8 books
Claire Colebrook, 8 books
Philippe Mengue, 7 books
Charles J. Stivale, 5 books
Bernd Herzogenrath, 5 books
Gregg Lambert, 4 books
Patricia Pisters, 4 books
Manola Antonioli, 4 books
Ian Buchanan, 4 books
Adrian Parr, 4 books
Jean-Claude Dumoncel, 4 books
Paul Patton, 4 books
Jean-Clet Martin, 4 books
David Norman Rodowick, 4 books
Rosi Braidotti, 4 books
Ronald Bogue, 4 books
Nicholas Thoburn, 3 books
François Dosse, 3 books
Eleanor Kaufman, 3 books
Williams, James, 3 books
David Martin-Jones, 3 books
Constantin V. Boundas, 3 books
Eric Alliez, 3 books
Joe Hughes, 3 books