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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Slavoj Žižek, 30 books
Jacques Lacan, 10 books
Markos Zafiropoulos, 8 books
Fink, Bruce, 8 books
Jacques-Alain Miller, 7 books
Jean Allouch, 7 books
Colette Soler, 5 books
Philippe Julien, 4 books
Charles Melman, 4 books
Joël Dor, 4 books
Moustafa Safouan, 4 books
Richard Feldstein, 4 books
Guy Le Gaufey, 4 books
Ellie Ragland-Sullivan, 4 books
Robert Georgin, 4 books
Roberto Harari, 3 books
Maire Jaanus, 3 books
Dany Nobus, 3 books
Américo Vallejo, 3 books
Lewis A. Kirshner, 3 books
Jean Louis Sous, 3 books
Erik Porge, 3 books
Malcolm Bowie, 3 books
Mark Bracher, 3 books
Yannis Stavrakakis, 3 books