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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michel Foucault, 40 books
Philippe Artières, 8 books
Daniele Lorenzini, 7 books
Judith Revel, 5 books
Alain Brossat, 5 books
Philippe Chevallier, 5 books
Clare O'Farrell, 4 books
Mariapaola Fimiani, 4 books
Jason L. Powell, 4 books
Philippe Sabot, 4 books
C. G. Prado, 4 books
Gary Gutting, 4 books
Frédéric Gros, 4 books
Salvo Vaccaro, 4 books
Mitchell Dean, 4 books
Gilles Deleuze, 4 books
Jürgen Mümken, 4 books
Didier Eribon, 4 books
Jean-François Bert, 4 books
Arianna Sforzini, 4 books
Luca Paltrinieri, 4 books
James William Bernauer, 3 books
Clemens Kammler, 3 books
Johanna Oksala, 3 books
Olivier Dekens, 3 books