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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Theodor Herzl, 97 books
Vladimir Jabotinsky, 35 books
Abdelwahab M. Elmessiri, 35 books
Aḥad Haʻam, 33 books
Chaim Weizmann, 31 books
World Zionist Organization, 28 books
Berl Katznelson, 25 books
Nordau, Max Simon, 24 books
Jewish National Fund, 24 books
Eliezer Schweid, 22 books
David Ben-Gurion, 21 books
Aaron S. Klieman, 21 books
Anita Shapira, 21 books
Zionist Organisation, 17 books
Israel Cohen, 17 books
Isaiah Friedman, 17 books
Jacob Tsur, 16 books
Zionist Organization of America, 16 books
Yosef Gorni, 15 books
Arthur Ruppin, 14 books
Martin Buber, 14 books
Jewish Agency for Israel, 14 books
Leon Pinsker, 13 books
Nahum Goldmann, 13 books
Roger Garaudy, 13 books