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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Meg Cabot, 15 books
Tui T. Sutherland, 10 books
Esther Benbassa, 10 books
Jacob Neusner, 9 books
Horatio Alger, Jr., 9 books
Shlomo Sand, 8 books
Eliezer Schweid, 8 books
Erik Cohen, 8 books
Caroline B. Cooney, 8 books
Veronica Roth, 8 books
Marilyn Kaye, 8 books
David Ohana, 7 books
Uzi Rebhun, 7 books
Yosef Gorni, 7 books
Zvi Y. Gitelman, 6 books
Sarah Weeks, 6 books
Neal Shusterman, 6 books
Eliezer Ben Rafael, 6 books
John Stephens, 6 books
Teri Terry, 6 books
Anita Shapira, 6 books
Eleanor Updale, 5 books
David Levithan, 5 books
Kelly Easton, 5 books
Sheila Turnage, 5 books


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