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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael S. Kimmel, 16 books
Michael A. Messner, 13 books
Victor J. Seidler, 7 books
Moore, Robert L., 6 books
Robert J. Stoller, 6 books
John Eldredge, 6 books
Robert Morrell, 5 books
Bob Pease, 5 books
Donald F. Sabo, 5 books
Robert Bly, 5 books
Mairtin Mac an Ghaill, 5 books
Jeff Hearn, 5 books
James W. Messerschmidt, 5 books
Connell, R. W., 5 books
Michel Dorais, 5 books
Richard Rohr, 4 books
Gilbert H. Herdt, 4 books
Norma J. Fuller Osores, 4 books
Stephen Whitehead, 4 books
John Tosh, 4 books
Thomas Johansson, 4 books
Lahoucine Ouzgane, 4 books
Lucy Delap, 4 books
Joseph Gelfer, 4 books
Gary R. Brooks, 4 books


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