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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael S. Kimmel, 10 books
Joan Z. Spade, 7 books
Sally Hines, 7 books
Takako Shimura, 7 books
Julia T. Wood, 6 books
Kate Bornstein, 6 books
John Money, 5 books
Caroline Sweetman, 5 books
Patrick Califia-Rice, 5 books
Judith Lorber, 5 books
Marcia Texler Segal, 5 books
Colette Chiland, 5 books
Ann Kibbey, 4 books
Havelock Ellis, 4 books
Allan Pease, 4 books
Amy Aronson, 4 books
Wayne Martino, 4 books
Kath Woodward, 4 books
Catherine G. Valentine, 4 books
Mark A. Yarhouse, 4 books
Linda K. Fuller, 4 books
Mary Crawford, 4 books
Michael A. Messner, 4 books
Robert J. Stoller, 4 books
Carol Siegel, 4 books


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