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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael S. Kimmel, 7 books
Kate Bornstein, 5 books
Colette Chiland, 4 books
Havelock Ellis, 3 books
Lynda Johnston, 3 books
Amy Aronson, 3 books
Julia T. Wood, 3 books
Sheri Reynolds, 3 books
Joan Z. Spade, 3 books
Mary Holmes, 3 books
Sally Hines, 3 books
Steven Seidman, 3 books
Maria Luiza Heilborn, 3 books
Anne Fausto-Sterling, 3 books
Aparna Negi, 2 books
Ann Kibbey, 2 books
Allan Pease, 2 books
Saba Mahmood, 2 books
Bert Archer, 2 books
Marlise Matos, 2 books
Ida Susser, 2 books
Laurel Holliday, 2 books
Melissa Scott, 2 books
Virginia Woolf, 2 books
Marcela Lagarde, 2 books


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