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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carl Gustav Jung, 35 books
Jolande Székács Jacobi, 26 books
Marie-Louise von Franz, 18 books
Murray Stein, 16 books
C. G. Jung, 15 books
Gerhard Wehr, 13 books
Aniela Jaffé, 12 books
James Hillman, 11 books
C. A. Meier, 10 books
Aldo Carotenuto, 9 books
John P. Dourley, 9 books
Anthony Stevens, 8 books
Mario Trevi, 8 books
Daryl Sharp, 7 books
Michel Cazenave, 6 books
Kawai, Hayao, 6 books
Edward F. Edinger, 6 books
Andrew Samuels, 6 books
E. A. Bennet, 5 books
Bettina Liebowitz Knapp, 5 books
Marie-Louise von Franz, 5 books
June Singer, 5 books
John A. Sanford, 5 books
Michael Fordham, 5 books
Mario Jacoby, 5 books