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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hermann Hesse, 74 books
Martin Pfeifer, 6 books
Bernhard Zeller, 5 books
Joseph Mileck, 4 books
Siegfried Unseld, 4 books
Volker Michels, 4 books
Gotthilf Hafner, 3 books
Franz Baumer, 3 books
Theodore Ziolkowski, 3 books
George Wallis Field, 3 books
Adrian Hsia, 2 books
Richard Blasius Matzig, 2 books
Edmond Beaujon, 2 books
Schmid, Karl, 2 books
Rossana Andreassi, 2 books
Christoph Gellner, 2 books
Bernhard Zeller, 2 books
Volker Michels, 2 books
R. Qaralašvili, 2 books
Eike Middell, 2 books
Joseph Mileck, 2 books
Bertrand Lévy, 2 books
Helga Esselborn-Krumbiegel, 2 books
Hugo Ball, 2 books
Serrano, Miguel, 2 books


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