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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marjorie M. Liu, 5 books
Emilie Rose, 3 books
J. R. Ward, 2 books
Tori Carrington, 2 books
Doranna Durgin, 2 books
Vicki Lewis Thompson, 2 books
Angela Knight, 2 books
Mohd. Khairuddin Hashim., 2 books
V. F. Ershov, 2 books
Janice Kay Johnson, 2 books
Erica David, 2 books
Maggie Barbieri, 2 books
Joanne Fluke, 2 books
Larry Sabato, 2 books
Evans Cooray, 2 books
Jorge Alberto López, 2 books
Carlos Sirvent, 2 books
Mariana Alvarado, 1 book
Deborah Grabien, 1 book
Marc Chagall, 1 book
Kitty Maryatt, 1 book
Jack Darr, 1 book
Venicio Artur De Lima, 1 book
Wang,Kangping, 1 book
Ann Evans, 1 book