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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Evans Cooray, 2 books
Jorge Alberto López, 2 books
Deborah Grabien, 1 book
Marc Chagall, 1 book
Jack Darr, 1 book
Federico Arreola, 1 book
Alejandra Lajous, 1 book
Halifa Sallah, 1 book
Carlos Tello Díaz, 1 book
Seth Godin, 1 book
Elena Poniatowska, 1 book
Luis Carlos Ugalde, 1 book
James H. Cobb, 1 book
Joshua Dann, 1 book
B. L. Dotson-Lewis, 1 book
A.P. Dorato, 1 book
Rick Suttle, 1 book
Tony Hellmann, 1 book
Brandon Wilson, 1 book
Tito Luv, 1 book
Heiko Hecht, 1 book
Del Herbert, 1 book
W. Lionel Williams, 1 book
Harlan Coben, 1 book
Iris Arla Moore, 1 book


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