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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Franz Georg Brustgi, 5 books
Gernot Römer, 4 books
Peter Fassl, 4 books
Rolf Kiessling, 4 books
Ernst Heinrich Meier, 3 books
Heinz-Eugen Schramm, 3 books
Anton Birlinger, 3 books
Hans Frei, 3 books
Hermann Bausinger, 3 books
Hartmut Froeschle, 3 books
Carlheinz Gräter, 3 books
Gert K. Nagel, 2 books
Adolf Layer, 2 books
Julius Baum, 2 books
Hugo Kuhn, 2 books
Tecchi, Bonaventura, 2 books
Schwarz, Georg, 2 books
Sebastian Sailer, 2 books
Anneliese Landau, 2 books
Leo Balet, 2 books
Karl Gröber, 2 books
Bruno Bushart, 2 books
Josef Johannes Schmid, 2 books
Maurer, Helmut, 2 books
Leander Petzoldt, 2 books


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