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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alois Schmid, 12 books
Rudolf Reiser, 10 books
Karl Baedeker (Firm), 10 books
Karl Bosl, 9 books
Hans Rall, 8 books
Andreas Kraus, 8 books
Wilhelm Liebhart, 7 books
August R. Lang, 7 books
Pankraz Fried, 6 books
M. Doeberl, 6 books
Wilhelm Volkert, 6 books
Benno Hubensteiner, 5 books
Max Spindler, 5 books
Bernhard Ücker, 5 books
Elizabeth Peters, 5 books
Friedrich Prinz, 5 books
Hans F. Nöhbauer, 5 books
Hans Constantin Faussner, 5 books
Gabriele Greindl, 5 books
Karl-Ulrich Gelberg, 5 books
Erna Horn, 4 books
Wolfgang Johannes Bekh, 4 books
Harald Busch, 4 books
Peter Claus Hartmann, 4 books
Marita Krauss, 4 books


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