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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Horst Brunner, 13 books
Helmut de Boor, 12 books
Hugo Kuhn, 12 books
Ulrich Müller, 10 books
Wolfgang Spiewok, 10 books
Carl von Kraus, 9 books
Danielle Buschinger, 9 books
Walter Haug, 9 books
Kurt Ruh, 8 books
Wenzel, Horst, 8 books
Helmut Tervooren, 8 books
Burghart Wachinger, 7 books
Gerhard Eis, 7 books
Stammler, Wolfgang, 7 books
Matthias von Lexer, 7 books
Thomas Bein, 7 books
Max Wehrli, 7 books
Friedrich Heinrich von der Hagen, 6 books
Hugo Moser, 6 books
Karl Bartsch, 6 books
Margaret Fitzgerald Richey, 6 books
Wilhelm, Friedrich, 6 books
Joachim Bumke, 6 books
Ingrid Kasten, 6 books
Albrecht Classen, 6 books