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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thuringia (Germany), 10 books
Harald Mittelsdorf, 8 books
Detlef Ignasiak, 5 books
Werner Greiling, 5 books
Peter Sedlacek, 4 books
Frank Baranowski, 4 books
Karl Spangenberg, 4 books
Ulrich Brunzel, 3 books
Hartmut Ulle, 3 books
Gerd Seidel, 3 books
Wolfgang Timpel, 3 books
Helga Raschke, 2 books
Manfred Weissbecker, 2 books
Helmut-Eberhard Paulus, 2 books
Weber, Hans, 2 books
Fritz Sauckel, 2 books
Karl Peschel, 2 books
Udo Wohlfeld, 2 books
Hans Joachim Kessler, 2 books
Andrea Herz, 2 books
Rudolf Ziessler, 2 books
Lothar Eissmann, 2 books
Harry Sieber, 2 books
Jochen Grass, 2 books
Detlev Heiden, 2 books


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