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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chrétien de Troyes, 51 books
Norris J. Lacy, 36 books
Alfred Lord Tennyson, 32 books
Thomas Malory, 28 books
Matthews, John, 22 books
Richard Barber, 20 books
Jessie L. Weston, 18 books
Keith Busby, 17 books
Geoffrey Ashe, 16 books
Jean Frappier, 14 books
Alan Lupack, 11 books
Jack Whyte, 11 books
David F. Johnson, 11 books
Philippe Walter, 11 books
Roger Sherman Loomis, 11 books
Elizabeth Archibald, 11 books
John Matthews, 10 books
John Matthews, 10 books
Michael Ashley, 10 books
Cora Dietl, 10 books
Malory, Thomas Sir, 10 books
Danielle Buschinger, 9 books
Jean Markale, 9 books
Layamon, 9 books
British Library, 9 books