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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Geoffrey of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph, 15 books
T. A. Barron, 12 books
Mary Stewart, 10 books
Jane Yolen, 8 books
Heywood, Thomas, 5 books
Quinn Taylor Evans, 4 books
Pamela F. Service, 4 books
Robert de Boron, 3 books
Richard Hovey, 3 books
R. J. Stewart, 3 books
Ann Chamberlin, 3 books
Jack Whyte, 3 books
Norris J. Lacy, 3 books
Robert Holdstock, 3 books
Nikolai Tolstoy, 3 books
J. M. C. Blair, 3 books
Irene Radford, 3 books
James Mallory, 3 books
William Rotsler, 2 books
Paul Zumthor, 2 books
Laura Anne Gilman, 2 books
Henry Lovelich, 2 books
Dugald Steer, 2 books
H. Oskar Sommer, 2 books
Lawrence, Ann, 2 books


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