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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Georges Bernage, 24 books
Jean Mabire, 10 books
Stephen E. Ambrose, 8 books
Eddy Florentin, 8 books
Patrice Boussel, 7 books
Jean-Pierre Benamou, 7 books
France. Conseil d'Etat, 6 books
Gilles Perrault, 6 books
Normandy (France), 6 books
Raymond Ruffin, 5 books
Philippe Bauduin, 5 books
Rémy Desquesnes, 5 books
Gilles Henry, 5 books
Jean de La Varende, 5 books
Jean Quellien, 5 books
Tim Saunders, 4 books
François, Dominique, 4 books
Michel de Trez, 4 books
René Lepelley, 4 books
Yves Lecouturier, 4 books
J. T. Copp, 4 books
David Howarth, 4 books
Steve Zaloga, 4 books
Alexander McKee, 4 books
Bliven, Bruce, 4 books


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