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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
George Torode, 4 books
Raoul Lemprière, 4 books
Richard Mayne, 3 books
Ward, Lock and Company, ltd., 3 books
R. M. Lockley, 3 books
Wood, Alan, 3 books
Victor Coysh, 3 books
Brian M. Fagan, 3 books
Rand McNally, 3 books
Heather Sebire, 3 books
S. Carey Curtis, 3 books
Philip Ahier, 3 books
Victor Hugo, 2 books
Sonia Hillsdon, 2 books
Jeanne E. Arnold, 2 books
Peter Johnston, 2 books
Kevin Le Scelleur, 2 books
Le Patourel, John., 2 books
L. P. Sinel, 2 books
Ted Bell, 2 books
William M. Bell, 2 books
Tom Freeman-Keel, 2 books
Molly Bihet, 2 books
Leo Harris, 2 books
Roy McLoughlin, 2 books


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