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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Victor Hugo, 105 books
René Journet, 18 books
André Maurois, 12 books
Raymond Escholier, 11 books
Pierre Georgel, 10 books
Henri Guillemin, 9 books
Edmond Huguet, 9 books
Algernon Charles Swinburne, 8 books
Maison de Victor Hugo., 8 books
Paul Berret, 8 books
Juliette Drouet, 7 books
Paul Souchon, 6 books
Guy Robert, 6 books
Henri Peyre, 6 books
Edmond Biré, 6 books
Louis Barthou, 6 books
Ernest Dupuy, 6 books
Léon Daudet, 6 books
Jean Gaudon, 6 books
Arnaud Laster, 5 books
Jean-Bertrand Barrère, 5 books
Maurice Anatole Souriau, 5 books
Georges Ascoli, 5 books
Louis Guimbaud, 5 books
Alfred Barbou, 5 books


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