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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ernest Antoine Aimé Léon Baron Seillière, 22 books
Georg Morris Cohen Brandes, 18 books
Maria Janion, 16 books
Duncan Wu, 14 books
Marianne Thalmann, 13 books
Lilla Maria Crisafulli, 13 books
Mario Praz, 12 books
Larry H. Peer, 12 books
Harold Bloom, 12 books
Paul Kluckhohn, 11 books
M. H. Abrams, 11 books
Frederick Burwick, 11 books
Ernst Behler, 11 books
Alan Vardy, 10 books
Léon Séché, 9 books
Théophile Gautier, 9 books
John Foster, 9 books
Heinrich Heine, 8 books
Louis Maigron, 8 books
Alexander von Bormann, 8 books
Peter J. Kitson, 8 books
Richard Benz, 7 books
Trahard, Pierre, 7 books
Tim Fulford, 7 books
Michel Crouzet, 7 books


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