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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. Michael Clark, 16 books
Wayne R. Dynes, 14 books
Jack Drescher, 13 books
Dennis Altman, 10 books
John P. De Cecco, 10 books
Margaret L. Andersen, 10 books
Stephen Donaldson, 10 books
Havelock Ellis, 9 books
Alex Sanchez, 8 books
David Levithan, 8 books
John Addington Symonds, 8 books
Michael Thomas Ford, 8 books
Patricia Hill Collins, 7 books
Stephen O. Murray, 7 books
Will Roscoe, 7 books
Guy Hocquenghem, 7 books
Ralph Blair, 7 books
Wilhelm Stekel, 6 books
Eric Marcus, 6 books
John J. McNeill, 6 books
Arthur Frederick Ide, 6 books
Steven Seidman, 6 books
Lillian Faderman, 6 books
Jeffrey Weeks, 6 books
Gary David Comstock, 6 books


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