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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alison Bechdel, 6 books
Shelly Roberts, 5 books
Ann Aldrich, 5 books
Dolores Klaich, 5 books
Jane Rule, 4 books
Lillian Faderman, 4 books
Monique Wittig, 4 books
Ingrid Bengis, 4 books
Bode Noonan, 3 books
Audre Lorde, 3 books
Shane Phelan, 3 books
Hanna Hallgren, 3 books
Linda Garber, 3 books
Butler, Eleanor Lady, 2 books
Donald Webster Cory, 2 books
Jude Schell, 2 books
Tatiana De la Tierra, 2 books
Barbara Grier, 2 books
Bernice Goodman, 2 books
Adrienne Cecile Rich, 2 books
Geneviève Pastre, 2 books
Jonathan Katz, 2 books
Katz, Jonathan., 2 books
Jill Johnston, 2 books
Laurel Galana, 2 books


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