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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Émile Zola, 17 books
Dreyfus, Alfred, 9 books
Vincent Duclert, 6 books
Jean-Denis Bredin, 6 books
Guy Chapman, 5 books
Charles Péguy, 5 books
Clemenceau, Georges, 5 books
Maurice Paléologue, 5 books
Léon Blum, 4 books
Reinach, Joseph, 4 books
Armand Charpentier, 4 books
Yves Guyot, 3 books
Albert Réville, 3 books
Louis Leo Snyder, 3 books
Taylor, Kate, 3 books
Theodor Herzl, 3 books
Douglas W. J. Johnson, 3 books
Lewis, David L., 3 books
Bertrand Tillier, 3 books
Nicholas Halasz, 3 books
Henri Dutrait-Crozon, 3 books
Burns, Michael, 3 books
G. W. Steevens, 3 books
Maurice Barrès, 3 books
Eric Cahm, 3 books


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