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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Ruskin, 6 books
Judith Butler, 5 books
Maureen Murdock, 4 books
Naomi Wolf, 4 books
Gail Straub, 3 books
Marion Woodman, 3 books
Estelle Disch, 3 books
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, 3 books
Helen M. Luke, 3 books
Gareth Knight, 3 books
W. Chapkis, 3 books
Robert J. Stoller, 3 books
Louise J. Kaplan, 3 books
Teresa Brennan, 3 books
Dana Breen, 3 books
Alice Jardine, 2 books
Kathryn M. McPherson, 2 books
Chris Haywood, 2 books
Janet T. Spence, 2 books
Kelly Oliver, 2 books
Osho, 2 books
Sarah Kofman, 2 books
Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira, 2 books
Robert A. Johnson, 2 books
Mairtin Mac an Ghaill, 2 books


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