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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Janet Horowitz Murray, 9 books
Jules Gay, 8 books
Myra Stark, 8 books
Shere Hite, 7 books
Rita M. Gross, 6 books
Nancy F. Cott, 6 books
Deborah Ellis, 6 books
Ruth Roach Pierson, 5 books
John Stuart Mill, 5 books
Martha Vicinus, 5 books
Doris Weatherford, 5 books
Barbara Ehrenreich, 5 books
Mary Beth Norton, 5 books
Nancy Auer Falk, 5 books
Carol Gilligan, 5 books
Marjorie Griffin Cohen, 5 books
Helene Deutsch, 5 books
Jane L. Parpart, 4 books
Allan Pease, 4 books
Margaret Randall, 4 books
Caroline Andrew, 4 books
Mary R. Lefkowitz, 4 books
Joanna Kerr, 4 books
Marion Woodman, 4 books
Marilyn French, 4 books