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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Uri Brener, 5 books
Menachem Begin, 4 books
Munya M. Mardor, 4 books
Yoav Gelber, 4 books
Yehoshua Porath, 3 books
Eliahu Elath, 3 books
Zvika Dror, 3 books
Yehoshuʻa Ofir, 3 books
David Niv, 3 books
Haviv Kanaan, 3 books
J. C. Hurewitz, 3 books
Zeev Sherf, 3 books
Menahem Kaufman, 3 books
Yehuda Lapidot, 3 books
D. Yahav, 3 books
Yehuda Bauer, 3 books
Eli Zanah-Shenir, 3 books
Dina Porat, 2 books
Hadara Lazar, 2 books
Yosef Avidar, 2 books
Dawud Assad, 2 books
Zeev Ivianski, 2 books
ʻImanuʼel Kats, 2 books
Zerubavel Gilead, 2 books
Yehuda Slutsky, 2 books


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