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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brock Thoene, 14 books
Netanel Lorch, 8 books
Benny Morris, 8 books
David Koren, 7 books
Uri Milstein, 7 books
Reuven Avinoam, 6 books
Efraim Talmi, 6 books
Zvika Dror, 6 books
Jehuda Lothar Wallach, 6 books
Menaḥem Talmi, 5 books
Walid Khalidi, 5 books
Ilan Pappé, 5 books
Amiad Brezner, 5 books
E. Orren, 5 books
Meir Avizohar, 4 books
Arye Hashavia, 4 books
Qusṭanṭīn Zurayq, 4 books
Jon Kimche, 4 books
David Ben-Gurion, 4 books
Dan Kurzman, 4 books
Yaakov Markovitzki, 4 books
Ofer Regev, 4 books
Yoav Gelber, 4 books
Uri Avnery, 4 books
Alon Kadish, 4 books


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