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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Israel., 16 books
Alan Arian, 12 books
Shevah Weiss, 8 books
Michael Bar-Zohar, 7 books
Michal Shamir, 7 books
Yael Stein, 7 books
Abraham Diskin, 7 books
Israel. Keneset., 6 books
Aryeh Avneri, 6 books
Samuel M. Katz, 6 books
Shlomo Aloni, 6 books
Stuart Cohen, 6 books
The Fresh, 5 books
Uri Milstein, 5 books
Shmuel Sandler, 5 books
Uri Dan, 4 books
Reuven Gal, 4 books
Israel. Ganzakh ha-medinah., 4 books
Asher Zidon, 4 books
Netanel Lorch, 4 books
Mordekhai Gur, 4 books
Benny Morris, 4 books
David Ben-Gurion, 4 books
Gordon Thomas, 4 books
Paperboard Research Group, 4 books


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