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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Emanuel Swedenborg, 18 books
Jacob Yehoshua, 13 books
Daṿid Ḳroyanḳer, 11 books
Dan Bahat, 9 books
Meron Benvenisti, 9 books
M. Ben-Dov, 9 books
Flavius Josephus, 9 books
Joshua Prawer, 8 books
Yitzhak Reiter, 8 books
Teddy Kollek, 8 books
Bezalel Narkiss, 7 books
H. E. Mayer, 7 books
Brock Thoene, 7 books
Shabtai Zekharyah, 7 books
Marc Chagall, 6 books
Christiaan van Adrichem, 6 books
Torquato Tasso, 6 books
W. H. Bartlett, 6 books
Hannah Arendt, 6 books
Menaḥem Gets, 6 books
Kāmil Jamīl ʻAsalī, 6 books
Amnon Cohen, 6 books
Yehoshua Ben-Arieh, 6 books
Aḥmad ʻAlamī, 5 books
Zev Vilnay, 5 books


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