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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tokto Ponbu. Haksul Tʻoronhoe, 14 books
China., 10 books
Myŏng-gi Kim, 6 books
Menachem Klein, 5 books
Bolesław Wiewióra, 5 books
Sŏg-u Yi, 5 books
Ruth Lapidoth, 5 books
Gerhard Wettig, 5 books
Enrique Ferrer Vieyra, 5 books
Virginia Gamba-Stonehouse, 4 books
Sin, Yong-ha., 4 books
Rand McNally, 4 books
Moshe Hirsch, 4 books
Fārūq Shannāq, 4 books
Mohammed Bedjaoui, 4 books
United Nations., 3 books
Ludwik Gelberg, 3 books
Dore Gold, 3 books
Hailin Zheng, 3 books
Yŏng-gu Kim, 3 books
Ernst R. Zivier, 3 books
Cheng Yun, 3 books
Zaim M. Necatigil, 3 books
Francis Anthony Boyle, 3 books
Israel., 3 books


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