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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yehoshafat Harkabi, 20 books
Neil Caplan, 13 books
Benny Morris, 10 books
Sami Hadawi, 10 books
Ian Lustick, 9 books
Barry Rubin, 9 books
ʻIzzat Ṭannūs, 9 books
Efraim Karsh, 8 books
Jūrjī Kanʻān, 8 books
Meron Benvenisti, 8 books
Edward W. Said, 7 books
Amos Elon, 7 books
Alouph Hareven, 7 books
Aaron S. Klieman, 7 books
Mitchell Geoffrey Bard, 7 books
Daniel Heradstveit, 7 books
Khālid Ḥasan, 6 books
Neil Caplan, 6 books
Shimon Peres, 6 books
Muḥammad ʻIzzat Darwazah, 6 books
Asʻad Razzūq, 6 books
Fayez Abdullah Sayegh, 6 books
Walid Khalidi, 6 books
Walter Laqueur, 6 books
Mahmoud Darwish, 6 books


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