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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Calvin, 20 books
Richard C. Gamble, 11 books
Parker, T. H. L., 10 books
Alexandre Ganoczy, 10 books
Karl Barth, 8 books
Stefan Zweig, 8 books
Hall, David W., 8 books
E. Doumergue, 7 books
H. J. Selderhuis, 7 books
Josef Bohatec, 6 books
W. van 't Spijker, 6 books
Ford Lewis Battles, 6 books
Richard Stauffer, 5 books
Théodore de Bèze, 5 books
Wilhelm H. Neuser, 4 books
Guizot M., 4 books
Scholl, Hans., 4 books
Jérôme-Hermès Bolsec, 4 books
A. Lefranc, 4 books
Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield, 4 books
John H. Leith, 4 books
Henry Babel, 4 books
Francis M. Higman, 4 books
T. H. L. Parker, 4 books
Ronald S. Wallace, 4 books


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