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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Abraham Kuyper, 20 books
Richard Younge, 11 books
Jean Calvin, 11 books
Fletcher, John, 7 books
Girolamo Zanchi, 6 books
Pierre Nicole, 6 books
Loraine Boettner, 5 books
Gottlob von Polenz, 5 books
David F. Wells, 5 books
Dickinson, Jonathan, 4 books
William Ames, 4 books
Cornelius Van Til, 4 books
Jean Claude, 4 books
H. J. Selderhuis, 4 books
Gary North, 4 books
F. Hodgson, 4 books
Paul Helm, 4 books
Oliver D. Crisp, 4 books
Ben Witherington, 4 books
Andrew Pettegree, 4 books
Peter Toon, 4 books
John Cosens Ogden, 4 books
Edward Williams, 4 books
Donald K. McKim, 4 books
Neal Punt, 3 books


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