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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Plato, 177 books
Erich Fromm, 85 books
Martin Waddell, 72 books
Katherine A. Applegate, 68 books
Josef Pieper, 35 books
Gregory Maguire, 34 books
Sydney Omarr, 28 books
Marguerite Yourcenar, 26 books
Iyanla Vanzant, 26 books
Francine Pascal, 24 books
Giles Andreae, 23 books
Nikki Grimes, 23 books
Rick Walton, 21 books
Vātsyāyana, 21 books
Francis de Sales, 20 books
bell hooks, 20 books
Ruoquan Wu, 20 books
Pat Ross, 19 books
Gary D. Chapman, 18 books
Daphne Rose Kingma, 16 books
Carol Lynn Pearson, 15 books
Hans Urs von Balthasar, 15 books
Gary Smalley, 13 books
Julian of Norwich, 12 books
Gregory J. P. Godek, 12 books


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