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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Grisham, 8 books
Mindy Klasky, 3 books
David Baldacci, 3 books
Barbara J. Morgan, 3 books
Emilie Baker Loring, 2 books
Nate Powell, 2 books
Stephen King, 2 books
John Lewis, 2 books
Rick Riordan, 2 books
Andrew Aydin, 2 books
Benson John Lossing, 1 book
Joseph Westley Newman, 1 book
Wirz, Hans., 1 book
Debra Webb, 1 book
Chassie West, 1 book
Stanisław M. Jankowski, 1 book
Steven D. Levitt, 1 book
James P. Johnston, 1 book
Elisabeth Newbold, 1 book
Michael Wolff, 1 book
Anne Stuart, 1 book
Belva Plain, 1 book
Jeffrey Archer, 1 book
Hugh Miller, 1 book
V. C. Andrews, 1 book


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