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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shirley MacLaine, 21 books
Thomas Riggs, 18 books
Maya Angelou, 15 books
Carol Burnett, 13 books
Joyce Grenfell, 11 books
Susan Abramovitch, 8 books
Cherie D. Abbey, 7 books
John Lahr, 7 books
Graham Henderson, 6 books
Michael-Anne Johns, 6 books
Marlene Dietrich, 6 books
Yōshichi Shimada, 6 books
David Paige, 5 books
Earl Wilson, 5 books
Sherri Burr, 5 books
Harris M. Lentz, 5 books
Betsy Cromer Byars, 5 books
Harris M., III Lentz, 5 books
Kevin Hillstrom, 5 books
Donald E. Biederman, 5 books
Sheridan Morley, 5 books
George Burns, 5 books
Sammy Davis, 5 books
Thierry de Navacelle, 4 books
Melvin Simensky, 4 books


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