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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cherie D. Abbey, 19 books
Fedor Razzakov, 19 books
Axiom Information Resources, 17 books
People Magazine, 15 books
Katie Price, 14 books
Oksana Pushkina, 12 books
Lan Yang, 12 books
Editors of People Magazine, 11 books
Lauren Weisberger, 10 books
Lauren Conrad, 10 books
Michael-Anne Johns, 9 books
People Magazine Editors, 9 books
Ian Halperin, 8 books
Chris Rojek, 8 books
Boze Hadleigh, 8 books
Karen Kingsbury, 8 books
Annabelle Starr, 8 books
Ron Galella, 7 books
Harris M. Lentz, 7 books
Tod Benoit, 7 books
Kevin Hillstrom, 7 books
Andrew Zuckerman, 7 books
Andy Warhol, 7 books
Rin Mikimoto, 7 books
Graydon Carter, 6 books


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