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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Rojek, 4 books
Janice Levy, 4 books
Brandilyn Collins, 3 books
Mariah Fredericks, 3 books
Kenneth Derby, 3 books
Arina Tanemura, 3 books
Lauren Conrad, 3 books
Joanna Philbin, 3 books
Zoey Dean, 2 books
Rose Wilkins, 2 books
Maureen Orth, 2 books
Glen David Gold, 2 books
Lise Haines, 2 books
Megan McDonald, 2 books
Stephen Krensky, 2 books
Osho, 2 books
Jeffrey Kahan, 2 books
Richard Schickel, 2 books
Robert H. Frank, 2 books
Liane Bonin, 2 books
Melissa De La Cruz, 2 books
Courtney Thorne-Smith, 2 books
Yun Kouga, 2 books
Ray Villareal, 2 books
Lori Culwell, 2 books


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