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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andy Warhol, 93 books
Wayne Koestenbaum, 3 books
Vincent Fremont, 3 books
Stephen Shore, 3 books
Achille Bonito Oliva, 3 books
Christopher Makos, 3 books
Germano Celant, 3 books
Mark Francis, 3 books
Peter Gidal, 3 books
Bob Colacello, 2 books
Susan Goldman Rubin, 2 books
Nicholas Chambers, 2 books
Dave Hickey, 2 books
Pat Hackett, 2 books
Georg Frei, 2 books
John W. Smith, 2 books
Jonathan Flatley, 2 books
Thomas Sokolowski, 2 books
Sotheby & Co. (London, England), 2 books
Victor Bockris, 2 books
Klaus Honnef, 2 books
Michel Nuridsany, 2 books
Gary Indiana, 2 books
Mark Francis, 2 books
Hilton Als, 2 books