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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Stanier Clarke, 40 books
Cathy Glass, 23 books
James Herriot, 15 books
Casey Watson, 13 books
Tim Ewbank, 12 books
Tessa Boase, 12 books
Winston S. Churchill, 10 books
Katie Price, 10 books
Stafford Hildred, 10 books
Horace Walpole, 9 books
David Loades, 9 books
Alison Weir, 9 books
Hugo Vickers, 9 books
Elizabeth Norton, 9 books
Richard Alexander Hough, 9 books
Mary S. Lovell, 8 books
Frank Worrall, 8 books
Charles Darwin, 8 books
Elizabeth Harman Pakenham Countess of Longford, 8 books
Roy Hattersley, 8 books
Amy Licence, 8 books
Evelyn Prentis, 7 books
Lynn Russell, 7 books
Heather E. Schwartz, 7 books
Dilip Sarkar, 7 books