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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian Hoey, 8 books
Judith Campbell, 7 books
Fisher, Graham, 7 books
Trevor Hall, 6 books
Marion Crawford, 6 books
Graham, Tim., 6 books
Robert Lacey, 6 books
Elizabeth Harman Pakenham Countess of Longford, 6 books
Dermot Morrah, 5 books
Church of England, 5 books
A. N. Wilson, 4 books
Jane Roberts, 4 books
Lloyd, Christopher, 4 books
Robert Hardman, 4 books
Sarah Bradford, 4 books
Martin Clayton, 4 books
Mike Paterson, 4 books
Douglas Keay, 4 books
Helen Cathcart, 4 books
Annie Bullen, 3 books
Jennie Bond, 3 books
Duncan, Andrew, 3 books
Lisa Sheridan, 3 books
Ryerson Press., 3 books
Graham Fisher, 3 books