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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Luca Caioli, 29 books
Frank Worrall, 7 books
Harry Harris, 5 books
Paul Smith, 4 books
Graham McColl, 4 books
Ivan Ponting, 4 books
Ian Cruise, 4 books
Cyril Collot, 4 books
Pat Symes, 3 books
Brian Scovell, 3 books
David Clayton, 3 books
Denis Law, 3 books
George Best, 3 books
Alex Ferguson, 3 books
David Potter, 3 books
Jeff Holmes, 3 books
John Giles, 3 books
Mike Donovan, 3 books
Oliver Derbyshire, 3 books
Gwen Russell, 3 books
Ian Macleay, 3 books
Perry Groves, 3 books
Tom Oldfield, 3 books
Hunter Davies, 3 books
Nick Johnson, 2 books


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