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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clive Gifford, 63 books
Keir Radnedge, 45 books
Matt Christopher, 29 books
Jack Rollin, 22 books
Yoichi Takahashi, 21 books
Michael Coleman, 20 books
Jim Whiting, 20 books
Simon Kuper, 19 books
Illugi Jökulsson, 18 books
Jeff Savage, 17 books
Megan Cooley Peterson, 17 books
Brian Glanville, 16 books
Jon M. Fishman, 15 books
José María Obregón, 14 books
Michael Hardcastle, 13 books
Andy Croft, 12 books
Glenda Rollin, 12 books
Clive Batty, 12 books
Michael Hurley, 12 books
Ryan Nagelhout, 12 books
Allen Wade, 11 books
Steve Bradley, 11 books
n/a, 11 books
Tony Matthews, 11 books
Roger Kean, 11 books