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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ray Walker, 29 books
Greater Heights Publishing, 26 books
Irb Media, 25 books
Bill James, 24 books
Sporting News, 24 books
Jim Gigliotti, 23 books
Shane Frederick, 22 books
Yōichi Takahashi, 21 books
K. C. Kelley, 20 books
J. A. Mangan, 20 books
Peter Massey, 18 books
Jeanne Wilson, 18 books
Ron Cordes, 17 books
Cari Meister, 17 books
Glenn Stout, 17 books
Stewart, Mark, 16 books
Matt Doeden, 15 books
Karleen Tauszik, 15 books
Christina Earley, 15 books
D. Stanley Eitzen, 14 books
Imray, 14 books
Robert Kennedy, 13 books
Robert G. Price, 13 books
Major League Baseball, 13 books
Jim Whiting, 13 books


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