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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roy J. Shephard, 10 books
David A. Sousa, 8 books
Edward L. Fox, 6 books
Scott K. Powers, 6 books
Brian J. Sharkey, 6 books
David L. Costill, 5 books
Tommy Boone, 5 books
Matt Fitzgerald, 5 books
Ed Burke, 5 books
Sharon A. Plowman, 5 books
Edward T. Howley, 5 books
Robert G. Price, 4 books
Hermann von Helmholtz, 4 books
Roger Bartlett, 4 books
Jack H. Wilmore, 4 books
Daniel J. Siegel, 4 books
Terry J. Housh, 4 books
George Sheehan, 4 books
John Evans, 4 books
Frank I. Katch, 4 books
Ernest W. Maglischo, 4 books
E. Grandjean, 3 books
Tom R. Thomas, 3 books
Larry R. Squire, 3 books
Gene R. Hagerman, 3 books


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