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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roy J. Shephard, 26 books
Charles B. Corbin, 24 books
Robert G. Price, 17 books
Cari Meister, 16 books
Jorge Cruise, 15 books
Brett Stewart, 15 books
Scott K. Powers, 13 books
Stephen L. Dodd, 13 books
Ellington Darden, 13 books
Bonnie Prudden, 11 books
Anita Bean, 11 books
Werner W. K. Hoeger, 11 books
Melvin H. Williams, 11 books
Ruth Lindsey, 11 books
Bright Day Calendars, 11 books
Ellie Herman, 10 books
Kenneth H. Cooper, 10 books
Angela Royston, 10 books
James M. Rippe, 10 books
Bob Greene, 10 books
IRB Media, 9 books
Time-Life Books, 9 books
William E. Prentice, 9 books
Karl Knopf, 9 books
Karl G. Knopf, 9 books


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