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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roy J. Shephard, 20 books
Fahey, Thomas D., 17 books
Werner W. K. Hoeger, 15 books
Corbin, Charles B., 15 books
Ellington Darden, 11 books
Bonnie Prudden, 10 books
Kenneth H. Cooper, 10 books
Scott K. Powers, 9 books
Jorge Cruise, 9 books
James M. Rippe, 8 books
William E. Prentice, 7 books
Selene Yeager, 7 books
Ed Burke, 7 books
Bob Greene, 7 books
Ruth Lindsey, 7 books
H. Harrison Clarke, 6 books
David K. Miller, 6 books
Leslie Kenton, 6 books
Alycea Ungaro, 6 books
Ellie Krieger, 6 books
Richard F. Heller, 6 books
B. Don Franks, 6 books
Covert Bailey, 6 books
Denise Austin, 6 books
Brian J. Sharkey, 6 books


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