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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kennedy, Robert, 22 books
Robert Kennedy, 18 books
Joe Weider, 14 books
Ellington Darden, 12 books
James C. Villepigue, 10 books
Peter Sisco, 8 books
Ellington Darden, 8 books
Clarence Bass, 8 books
Lou Schuler, 7 books
Mike Mentzer, 5 books
John R. Little, 5 books
Franco Columbu, 4 books
Robert Wolff, 4 books
Bob Paris, 4 books
Stuart McRobert, 4 books
Ed Connors, 4 books
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 4 books
Michael Mejia, 3 books
Robert G. Price, 3 books
David Zinczenko, 3 books
James Villepigue, 3 books
Charles Gaines, 3 books
Frank Zane, 3 books
Paul Wade, 3 books
Lee Haney, 3 books


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