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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brad Schoenfeld, 5 books
Joyce L. Vedral, 5 books
Susan Powter, 4 books
Judith Wills, 3 books
Rob Parr, 3 books
Karen Voight, 3 books
Kiana Tom, 3 books
Lorna Kleidman, 3 books
Angela Hynes, 2 books
Anne Kashiwa, 2 books
Catherine Cassidy, 2 books
Carol Leonetti Dannhauser, 2 books
Mark Verstegen, 2 books
Christi Masi, 2 books
Sandy Hayden, 2 books
Chen, Yufen., 2 books
Gerald Secor Couzens, 2 books
Corinna Everson, 2 books
Kathy Kaehler, 2 books
Peggy Brill, 2 books
Gary Heavin, 2 books
Joely Johnson, 2 books
Jackie Keller, 2 books
Patricia Patterson, 2 books
Ann Carpenter, 2 books


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