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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joe Henderson, 15 books
Hal Higdon, 9 books
George Sheehan, 8 books
Matt Fitzgerald, 5 books
Bob Glover, 5 books
Bill Rodgers, 5 books
Marty Liquori, 4 books
Jeff Galloway, 4 books
Gloria Averbuch, 4 books
John Annerino, 4 books
Amby Burfoot, 4 books
Allan Lawrence, 3 books
Bernd Heinrich, 3 books
Bill Dellinger, 3 books
Elliott, Richard, 3 books
Bob Schwartz, 3 books
John Jesse, 3 books
James O. Dunaway, 3 books
Marvin Rothenstein, 3 books
Sullivan, George, 3 books
Dave Kuehls, 3 books
Mary Jane Beaufrand, 3 books
Grete Waitz, 3 books
Deborah Lynn Baldwin, 3 books
Ken Sparks, 3 books


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