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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nathan Aaseng, 3 books
Stan Cottrell, 2 books
Elliott, Richard, 2 books
Frances Bremer, 2 books
Raelene Boyle, 2 books
Matt Fitzgerald, 2 books
David Conrad, 2 books
Jami Goldman, 2 books
Constance H. Frick Irwin, 2 books
Parker, John L. Jr., 2 books
Rachel Rutledge, 2 books
Ann Kiemel Anderson, 2 books
John Annerino, 2 books
Amby Burfoot, 2 books
Don Kardong, 2 books
Kinue Hitomi, 2 books
Bart Yasso, 2 books
Bill Gutman, 2 books
Marla Runyan, 2 books
John Bale, 2 books
R. Rozanne Knudson, 2 books
John Stanton, 2 books
Wayne R. Coffey, 2 books
Marion Jones, 2 books
Oscar Pistorius, 2 books


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